Sherry Club with Sanchez Romate

Sherry Club with Sanchez Romate

Following on from the success of our first Sherry Club meeting, we are pleased to announce that our second Sherry Club will be hosted by the wonderful people at Sanchez Romate on the 22nd July.

Sanchez Romate comes from the historical city of Jerez De La Frontera, in Spain, which literally translates to “Sherry from the border”. This delicious winery couldn’t be more sherry if it tried and they have got some wonderful examples for you to explore. And while you’re sipping on a variety of stunning Sherries we are going to feed you with our famous Jamon, open wide and say sherry as this is going to be a night that you don’t, no, can’t miss.

So if you’re as passionate about Sherry as we are, or you’re curious to find out more join us for a tutored tasting through the various styles of Sherry that Sanchez Romate has to offer.

Tickets are just £17.50 and include your tasty Sherry and Iberico Jamon, but they are very limited so be quick…